Friday, April 22, 2011

Giveaway: gDiapers!

I just received a wonderful addition to the raffle table, from gDiapers!

Included in this raffle:

2 little gPants in size Small: 8-14 lbs (1 black and 1 galactic blue)
6 gCloth inserts in size Small
1 Swishstick

These diapers are a hybrid type cloth diaper-- the outer shell, which is made out of cotton with a snap-in liner made of polyester, can hold either a biodegradable gRefills OR the gCloth inserts. The gCloth inserts are made out of 2 layers of micro-fiber fleece and 2 layers of a cotton and hemp mix. Put either side against baby's bottom! There are also no folding with these liners-- once washed, they are ready to set inside the snap-in liner. So easy! What I like about gDiapers is the velcro on the BACK of the toddler hands easily pulling these off!

gDiapers are breathable, trim, super absorbent, fashionable (SO CUTE!), easy, contain no plastics, latex, or chlorine.

$1 per ticket-- half donated towards The Real Diaper Association and half towards the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum.

Thank you gDiapers for this fabulous opportunity for someone to try these diapers. They also included $2 OFF coupons for the goodie bags.

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