Sunday, April 17, 2011

Giveaway at GCDC

Among some other giveaways-- I would love to announce that a Bamboo Baby AIO cloth diaper with snaps will be raffled at Marquette's Great Cloth Diaper Change on April 23rd!

The Bamboo Baby All-In-One cloth diaper is very soft, trim, super absorbent, and super cute! The Bamboo Baby AIO fits 7-35 pounds and these super soft diapers are made in Canada with a waterproof PUL outer later and a super soft luxurious bamboo Rayon fleece inner (80% bamboo Rayon / 20% Polyester).

The $1 entry for the Bamboo Baby AIO will be donated to The Real Diaper Association and for an additional entry, also $1-- will be donated to The Upper Peninsula Children's Museum. Both are non-profit organizations. =]

A special thank you to Everything Birth, Inc. for donating this fabulous cloth diaper to The Great Cloth Diaper Change. =]

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